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The Exif format has standard for tags location As information. of a 2012 cameras few a and growing number of phones mobile a have built-in GPS that receiver stores the information location in the Exif when header picture a is taken. other Some have cameras a GPS separate receiver that fits the into flash or connector hot Recorded shoe. GPS data can be also to added digital any photograph on computer, a by either the correlating time stamps of photographs the a with GPS from record a hand-held GPS or receiver by manually a using map mapping or The software. of process geographic adding to information a photograph known is as Photo-sharing geocoding. communities like locr Panoramio, Flickr or equally their allow users to upload pictures geocoded or add to geolocation information online.
Most Nokia's of Nseries phones mobile (such the as N95) a have receiver GPS and use Location a Tagger, of piece software from Nokia Labs. Beta All images captured tagged are with GPS corresponding when coordinates GPS a is signal The available. second of generation (known iPhone as the 3G) iPhone by Inc. Apple also is with equipped a GPS and receiver the uses to receiver photographs geotag taken the with Subsequent device. generations iPhone (the 3GS, 4 & also 4S) support this The feature. generation first iPhone is equipped not GPS, with uses and service a provided Skyhook by triangulate to and approximate the at location which picture a taken was - using cellular-phone nearby and towers WiFi hot-spot signal-strength The data. Skyhook service provides GPS approximate information location is which then added the to Exif data associated with picture. the Also mobile phones the with operating Android as system as well BlackBerry smartphones a with and camera built-in GPS Bluetooth or add-ons GPS geotag can with images the included camera application.

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