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Where can I find the installation guide

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Andrea Bruno

It is in the package you downloaded. Find the file named INSTALLATION.html.
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Rob Widmark

I used Microsoft Web matrix, using Microsoft Web platform installer.

It looks like it installed on my development machine.

I've never used this CMS before. Where do I find the documentation so I can set up standalone webpages and a blog?
Andrea Bruno

I suggest you, download the latest version. In this site you will find the download link. The CMS does not require installation, just unzip the contents of the package.
With this CMS you can create multiple blogs, one for each domain to point to the service host. The use of CMS is simple and intuitive: You can add pages, photos, create a forum in an intuitive manner. If you are experiencing difficulties, you can ask here. You can use all the features of the CMS without being a developre. Currently the instructions for the developer are only in Italian and can be found here: I'm looking for somebody for the translation of documents into English. In this forum you can find help for any specific matter .At the specific request I can make video tutorials.

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