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Search Bar going to google

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Jay Trivedi

Im not sure how to configure it, but when I put in a keyword to search and click 'find' it always takes me to google and gives me a not found. Im running your ticket system internally and dont want to go to google to search the forum posts.
Andrea Bruno

You have two options:
1) You can set for your current user, to use the internal search engine:

[Click on the button "forum" (top of the page)] > [Go to the panel "Setting and personalization" at the bottom of the page (If it does not appear, click the button "Setting And Personalization")] > {set ON "Use internal search engine"] > [Submit].

2) you can use the search of windows from file explorer, for the directory ".\app_data\forum\"

About the point (1):
The code is open source. The part of the code regarding the search using the internal engine, is the function nomed "Function FindInTopic(...)" of the file app_code/ForumManager.vb (developers can change this to improve the code)
Jay Trivedi

Cool, solution 1 seen appropriate for me. Thank you. By the way awsome job to you and your dev team.