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How to switch off the 'Get a new account' button?

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André Groeneveld

Hello, i try to built a cms site with your .NET CMS but i have some problems configuring it.

To start with i want to HIDE or SWITCH off the button 'Get a new account' but how do i do that?
I also wish to have a different background instead of the basic theme skins, how do i do tat?
Andrea Bruno

Go to "Setup" pannel (button "Setup").
Setting the plugin named "Skin customization" (button "Setup" near "Skin customization"):
At the field "Additional Css: add this line:


Then at the field "Enable Additional Css" set "YES"
And then from "Setup" pannel, enabled the plugin named "Skin customization" and confirm (button "Confirm" in the botton).
André Groeneveld

This works, but now i have the problem that even if someone is not logged in the website gets the 'WRITE COMMENT ' button when they start to look at photos in the existing photo album.
How can i remove the button in photo album?
When i press on the button it will start to register the person in question while i dont want that to happen.
Please help.
Andrea Bruno

You can use the same technique by adding this line:

Alternatively there is a more secure way, you have to make a simple change to the file app_code/WebComponents.vb
Search by name sub "AddPageArchived" (In the current version is line 1064).

In the first line of the Sub add this statement:
AddCommentsButton = False

Then save this file!

In the next version I will add an option to disable the comments.